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The 17th China international machinery and electronic products exposition of 2016
"Made in China 2025" has become our country to carry out the strategy of manufacturing power of action, the equipment manufacturing industry usher in a new historical opportunity for development."China international machinery and electronic products exposition" is one of the three largest machinery exhibition in the country approved by the state council, is based on central China national key equipment manufacturing industry exhibition, held for the first time since 2000 has been successfully held for 16 years, is an indicator of the central region advanced manufacturing industry.As an industry technology exchange, product display, trade and business cooperation, the importance of brand communication platform, the exhibition to promote integration development of upstream and downstream industry equipment manufacturing field has an irreplaceable role.In the history of the "made in China 2025" strategic background, machine carrying the "made in China 2025" important exhibition platform of the new mission, and lead the industry transformation and upgrading, support advanced manufacturing industry development.

Market-oriented reform, close to the market demand

The 16th 2015, "China international machinery and electronic products exposition" on September 23-25, 2015, was successfully held at wuhan international exhibition center, a total of more than 400 from more than 10 countries and regions at home and abroad enterprises exhibitors, including: Chinese car, beidou navigation, advancing robot, southern pump industry, well-known enterprises such as huazhong CNC;The exhibition of professional audiences and quality record, 30936 visitors.Dongfeng motor group, midea group, foxconn group, supor cooker, gree electric appliances, wisco heavy industry, China railway heavy industry, the people's liberation army 3303 factory, unit 63981, north prosperity rail equipment, people electrical appliance group 65 large enterprises, institutions and agencies, such as group exhibition, nearly 3000 people, the number of rave reviews.

Host in the Frankfurt exhibition co., LTD., guangzhou as China's largest professional exhibition, the organizer, has more than 20 years to hold the successful experience of industrial technology exhibition.Standing on the height of specialization, internationalization, commercialization, comprehensive integration of all resources, leading "machine expo" market-oriented innovation, market demand oriented, deep industrial manufacturing niche and focus on professional audience precise matching.2016 is the machine fair market reform continued to deepen, into the years of rapid development channel, will bring enterprises more effective.