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Common industry development Push the co-construction and sharing of 2016 China international pipeline conference was held in the gallery
Pipeline transportation industry enterprises shows powerful technology strength
Report from our correspondent on April 12, 2016 China international pipeline congress opened in langfang.From different countries and regions, more than 300 famous enterprises in the industry, pipeline entrepreneurs, equipment manufacturers and pipeline industry experts and scholars together, to showcase products, cutting-edge technology and the latest industry development, deepen the cooperation and exchange, booster pipeline industry sustainable development.
China international pipeline conference held for the first time since 2002, after eight Olympic success, has become Asia's largest and most professional pipeline field product display, communication platform.Exhibition cover pipeline survey mapping, design, procurement, construction, production operation, repair, crossing, welding and corrosion and so on complete pipeline construction and operation of industrial chain.In the past 15 years, the exhibition attracted the national development and reform commission, the national energy administration, the state ministry of industry and energy management of provinces and cities, government officials, petrochina, sinopec, cnooc, emotional join internal company focus on procurement staff and the exhibition tour group covers the refining, chemical, oil and gas storage and transportation, and LNG processing, oil field construction, municipal engineering and other fields, viewers to visit accumulated more than eighty thousand people.
Success of past conferences, promoted the industry cooperation and exchange, promote the application of advanced technology and equipment, improve the oil pipeline companies and related equipment manufacturing enterprises in China's international influence, to promote the rapid development of China's oil and gas pipeline industry has played a positive role.At the same time, this event as an industry, cooperation between enterprise and enterprise docking place one of the important link, built the langfang urban business card of the city of the international pipeline, and so did the investment promotion and capital introduction, promote the local economic and social development, realize the win-win of enterprises.
In 2016 the Chinese international pipeline assembly with ", sharing "as the theme, is divided into equipment exhibition, peak BBS and industry research three plates.From China, the United States, Germany, France, Australia and so on more than 20 countries and regions, a total of 350 pipe industry enterprises representatives gathered, features of advanced equipment, industry development, deepen the cooperation and communication, boosting the pipeline industry sustainable development at home and abroad.
This session of congress also reflects open tolerance, the concept of win-win cooperation.Under the guidance of all the way in the "area" strategy, in order to further promote China's oil pipeline companies to speed up the pace of walking out, participating institutions invites numerous partners, to explore business model, all-round, multi-angle to provide better communication opportunities for global pipeline industry and cooperation platform.International oil prices low, especially the current period, the Chinese economy enters the new normal, pressing for the new situation change related enterprise transformation development of oil and gas storage and transportation industry both at home and abroad, through the winter.
The conference by China petroleum pipeline bureau, China petroleum pipeline company, langfang city people's government, in the oil pipeline construction project, west-east gas pipeline in oil intends to western companies, petrochina pipeline company, sinopec petroleum engineering construction co., LTD., the international association of pipeline and Marine contractor (IPLOCA), and other units jointly hosted.During the conference by the international association for the study of pipeline (PRCI) President Cleveland (CLIFF) Mr;International pipeline (IPLOCA) and Marine contractors association secretary general o Juan surya, plus (Juan Arzuaga) Sir;Dutch blue energy service companies strategic r&d manager Clemens Mr Van der Nat;In Japan, Mr Chi design architect racecourse is three;Louisiana tech Raymond emeritus professor Dr Sterling, as well as representatives of the industry elite, experts and scholars at home and abroad, a total of more than 400 people attended the activities during the conference.