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The international association of steel, global steel demand fell by 0.8% in 2016
The world steel association, according to the market watch website Wednesday, according to data released in 2016, global steel demand will decline for the second year in a row, will rebound in 2017.China, the world's largest steel consumer economic slowdown, China's steel demand next two years will continue to reduce, add a lot of pressure to global steel demand.

Specifically, the global steel demand is expected to decline 0.8% this year, to 1.488 billion tons.By the eu and nafta zone of the country's steel demand picks up, global steel demand will recover next year by 0.4%, to 1.494 billion tons.Last year, a 3% drop in global steel demand.

International steel economic commission chairman Narendran said: "as China's economic slowdown has affected the global consumer of the steel, iron and steel industry still faces tough economic environment."
International steel association on behalf of the iron and steel manufacturers provide short-term global steel demand forecast, the association members include global giant arcelor mittal steel company.
International steel association predicts that China's steel demand will fall by 4% this year, next year fell by 3%, its share of global steel demand will fall to 42% from 45% in 2015.
In addition, this year the rest of the world outside China iron and steel demand will grow 1.8%, growth will reach 3% next year.

Related news: in the first quarter of China's steel exports more than expected
Released on April 13, the general administration of customs statistics show that China's steel exports in March of 9.98 million tons, surged 29.6% year-on-year;Quarter of the total export of 27.83 million tons, up 8% from a year earlier.March exports hit a monthly high of the year, far more than expected.
Previously, the industry is widely expected to march exports will be less than 1 month."Although the anti-dumping cases this year may be reduced, but the strength increases, and mature case will continue."Analysts He Hangsheng for journalists said interface, combined with domestic steel prices rebound, and domestic steel mills mounting losses, "capacity" strength increases, the yield will be reduced relatively, gaps in the domestic market to expand, accordingly extrusion export market share.
Institutions, according to the tracking data on April 13, domestic steel price index for 2650 yuan/ton, in mid-december last year lows up 780 yuan/ton, among them 1 to 2 months rose 210 yuan/ton, march has rose 570 yuan/ton.Domestic steel prices rise, to a certain extent, reduced the export of steel trade, enthusiasm.
"March exports most is 1, 2 months after order, at that time, domestic demand in the off-season, the price is not rally."Senior research fellow at the Qiu Yuecheng told journalists interface, although the amplitude is less than the domestic, but also in the rising trend, the hong kong-listed replenish inventories relatively positive foreign users.
In addition to the previous order concentrated delivery, international trade environment nor even worse.
According to the China's accession to the WTO protocol "stipulated in article 15, China will this year on December 11, namely to join world trade organization (WTO) in 15 years, automatically become a" market economy ".Facing a decline in the crisis of the European steel industry, are demanding the eu deny China "market economy" status, continue to implement the "double reverse" of Chinese steel products, impose high tariffs, intended to block.
"Now the government has not formally denied, investigation procedure is a work in progress go normal."He Hangsheng said.
The eu's downstream terminal and imports of Chinese steel enterprises, also hope to a certain extent reduce the anti-dumping, to reduce the production cost.These somewhat mitigating factors make Chinese exports of steel products temporarily kept high.
In addition, "Japanese economic news" reported that, due to China's steel export heavily began to "hit the brakes," the demand of southeast Asia in order to ensure stable purchasing and raised the purchasing price, also stimulate the enthusiasm of domestic exports.
As the domestic steel prices continue to rise, the industry is widely expected to decline in steel exports will be reflected in four to five months.
Qiu Yue interface in pairs journalists said that since march, steel mills in domestic orders, exports will is not strong, the export price than the previous low sharply raised close to $100 / ton, the export order quantity also fell."Now there are already exports destroy single phenomenon."Qiu Yue said.
He Hangsheng argues that steel exports in the next few months will decrease by as much as 10%, until the basic maintain at the levels of 8 million - 8.5 million tons, the team considered "normal" under the current economic environment.
Appeared, however, as the production capacity, demand side there is no fundamental improvement, steel price is expected in the second half of the back after losing support.