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energy investment of $900 billion over the next five years

Arab oil investment company APICORP released the latest research report, the next five years, the Middle East and north Africa region (including Iran) total energy investment is expected to reach $900 billion.
APICORP released this is called the Middle East and north Africa investment outlook, "said in a report, in the next five years, the Middle East and north Africa has a 19% average annual growth rate of investment, that is to say, the investment would add 145 billion dollars a year on average.Report also pointed out that the $289 billion investment is to determine the investment project, most of the floor, the remaining $611 billion investment is still in plan.
Watching from the region, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the united Arab emirates will be three big energy investment market.In the meantime, Iraq and Iran because of its oil and gas industry will also be followed.In north Africa, Algeria has promised to spend billions of dollars of investment projects;Egypt also were launched large energy investment projects in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for energy.In countries such as Morocco, Tunisia and Jordan, renewable energy projects is expected to become the focus of energy investment.
Raed Al - Rayes APICORP general manager said, "in 2015, the global oil and gas investment fell 20% year on year, the biggest drop in history. Nonetheless, we expect that as a major oil exporter, the Middle East and north Africa will continue to expand investment in the field, consolidate the position in global energy markets."
Although energy investment in the region continues to grow, APICORP also said in a report, the Middle East and north Africa energy development faces many challenges.First of all, the oil and gas field is closely related to the investment and oil prices.Although in the case of oil prices continued to fall, the united Arab emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Kuwait oil export countries announced that it will continue to expand oil and gas fields such as investment, but other countries are still faced with low financial income of high pressure.
Second, project financing is difficult.Standard & Poor's Ratings, according to the Middle East and north Africa credit in the past six months to continue to fall, the sovereign rating to BBB.Third, the political upheaval in the Middle East and north Africa brought uncertainty for energy investments.