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Miit MiaoWei: made in China, 2025 related supporting documents will be issued
Said the ministry minister MiaoWei 5, the ministry according to ten years of "made in China 2025" target, the plan for specific content including 11 relevant supporting documents, fully launched the five projects, will dock with the some provinces at the same time, according to the provincial situation to guide them to differentiate development, and makes some deployment.
For these supporting files introduced specific time, MiaoWei said, 11 files will be developed.There are five documents are sign, six files will be rolled out after the "two sessions", in the first half of this year is virtually all these documents.
MiaoWei said, the first of five file is primarily about five project, 6 a file is behind some niche business development plan.Since the end of last year, he said, the state council issued a series of policy measures to support the development of the industry, such as industrial development in article 28, recently the ministry again with the people's bank of China, the China banking regulatory commission and so on eight ministries jointly issued on the financial support several opinions of the industrial development, with the fall to the ground, these policies and measures of the development of China's manufacturing will be better and better in the future.